A Young Writer’s Winning Words

Gowanda High School junior ZANTHIA LUCIANO is the first-place winner in the 9th-12th grade poetry category of the 2020 Healthy Choices Art & Poetry Contest facilitated by WNY United Against Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Inc.

Luciano’s poem “Find the Safe Space that Awaits You” was selected by judges who scaled its creativity, clarity of message and craftsmanship. In 2019, she was selected second-place winner for the poetry category of her division.

Find the Safe Space that Awaits You

Live your life with one safe space in mind, a heavenly haven created for you

A place that helps you cope, brings you hope when you’re down

You should know

The world may come crashing down around your feet

 you may feel unheard or unable to speak

But that doesn’t mean you’re alone

A safe space can be the invisible hand you hold

The one to help you stand, and fight through your struggles with bare hands

And when you’re tired, hide in this utopia 

Until you feel the magical rush of euphoria 

This is the door that is always open for you.

Choose what form your safe space will take

Whether a room, a hobby, or a friend 

Whatever brings you comfort and joy in the end 

Is the safe space that’s meant to help you mend all your tattered edges 

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