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Email Address

Dr. Robert B. Anderson


Mrs. Barb Smith

School Business Adminsitrator

Mrs. Ashley Wakelee

Director of Learning and Continual Improvement

Ms. Rebekah Moraites

High School Principal

Mr. Todd Miklas

Middle School Principal

Mrs. Carrie Dzierba

Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Kathy Ferneza

Secretary to the Superinten./ District Clerk

Mr. David Smith

Assistant Principal Middle/High School

Mrs. Candace L. Phillips

Athletic Director

Mr. Richard Smith

Director of Facilities

Mrs. Annette Nelson

Transportation Supervisor

Mr Doug Pine

Technology Coordinator

Mr. Max Graham

Board Member- President

Mrs. Dollene Christopher

Board Member- Vice President

Mr. Mark Nephew

Board Member

Mr Zachary C Nobles

Board Member

Mr. John Waterman

Board Member

Mrs. Barbara Weston

Board Member

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