The Curriculum Team’s mission is to prepare all GCS students for the 21st century (impact) through the purposeful
a.) development of engaging, goal-oriented, student-centered, and collaborative learning environment(s)
b) use of technology to learn.

Gowanda Central School is a 1:1 district. Students in grades K-1 are assigned iPads, while students in grades 2-12 have Chromebooks. Students in grades 7-12 take home their devices for educational use. It is the goal of the district to use technology to increase engagement and enhance instruction. Teachers and students are encouraged to use their devices to collaborate and communicate not only with each other but to be global learners. 

Student device policies and user agreements are found within the GCS Handbooks. 

Douglas Pine

Technology Coordinator
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6021

Ashley Wakelee

Director of Learning and Continual Improvement
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6309

Jacob Wilkins

Information Technology Specialist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6020

Matthew Kordrupel

Information Technology Specialist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6023

Candace Phillips

Technology Integration Specialist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6010

Edward Bugenhagen

Technology Integration Specialist
(716) 532-3325 ext. 6109



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