Gowanda Central School District strives to work with and to support the community. Should anyone have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for greater collaboration, please reach out to the appropriate administrator or email gcsinformation@gcslearn.org.

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Disclaimer: Gowanda Central School District is happy to have many community-based entities that support our students. We are listing them below for convenience, but these organizations are not affiliated with the school directly. We have checked all links listed here for quality, but we cannot guarantee they are kept up-to-date or have not been changed since their initial posting. Please notify the district of inappropriate content immediately. We reserve the right to remove links without notice.

Gowanda Boosters

As proud members of the Gowanda Panther community, we appreciate the tremendous work done by our coaches, students, staff and community members, in order to support the students of G-Town. If you have an event or project that you need financial assistance with, the Gowanda Boosters Club is here to help. We receive a large volume of requests to assist our teams, clubs and other student groups within the district. We personally review every completed request that is submitted.

All requests for donations must be submitted, 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event.

We truly appreciate your year-round effort to strengthen and support the students in our district. Thank you again for submitting your request and good luck with your event!

Boosters Request

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Click HERE for event and registration information.

Gowanda Recreation Department

Mark Benton at hidibenton@gmail.com or call 532-4053.

Realtor Factsheet

Here is a handy reference guide for anyone considering moving to the Gowanda Central School District or wanting to learn more about education in the village.

Gowanda Realtor Factsheet February 2019

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