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Traits of the Month


Responsibility & Cooperation– being reliable, dependable, accountable for your own actions, using good judgement and using self control.


Empathy & Acceptance– Try to understand someone else’s feelings without having to be in the same situation. Accept other’s differences.


Gratitude– Showing appreciation for what you have and recognizing what others have done for you.


Kindness– the quality of being friendly , generous and considerate


Integrity– doing the right thing when no one is looking, following through on your plan, doing what you say you will do.


Respect– for yourself and others, treating others with courtesy, dignity and being sensitive to the needs of others.


Perseverance– staying with a task and not giving up, showing commitment, pride, and a positive attitude when completing tasks


Honesty– truthful, sincere, straightforward; don’t lie, cheat, steal, or mislead others


Self-Control– think before acting, taking responsibility for your reactions to frustration/stressful events, find positive ways to express your feelings


Citizenship– Doing your share of the work to make your school, community and world a better place, obeying the law, taking care of the environment, being responsible with technology and social media

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