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Information Requests (FOIL)

New York State’s Freedom of Information Law allows members of the public to access records of governmental agencies. FOIL provides a process for the review and copying of an agency’s records. More information about the Freedom of Information Law can be found at

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Requests

FOIL requests are managed by the District’s Records Access Officer, Ms. Barbara J. Smith and may be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Via email:
  2. Via mail:   Gowanda Central School District

   Records Access Officer

   Barbara J. Smith

   10674 Prospect Street

   Gowanda, NY 14070

To ensure efficient processing of your request, please provide the following information:

  • Requester’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • A reasonable description of the records sought, containing specific information, which will allow the District to identify and locate the records.
  • The requester’s preference to inspect/review records or receive copies of records or both. Requests for copies of records should indicate the format requested.

For your convenience, you may use this RECORD REQUEST FORM.

Please note: The Records Access Officer will acknowledge receipt of the request within 5 business days. When Requests have been acknowledged, approval or denial of access shall be made within 20 business days from the date of the acknowledgment of the request. Additional time may be required to review or locate the records and or determine right of access. 

Subject Matter List: 

  1. The district shall maintain a reasonably detailed current list by subject matter of all records in its possession, whether or not records are available pursuant to subdivision two of section eighty-seven of the Public Officers Law;
  2. The subject matter list shall be sufficiently detailed to permit identification of the category of the record sought.
  3. The subject matter list shall be updated annually.

The subject matter list can be found here SUBJECT MATTER LIST.

Questions may directed to the Records Access Officer at 716-532-3325, ext 6306.

Records are available for inspection and copying between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during regular business days at the address above.

Fee for Duplication of Records

The District charges the statutorily permitted fee of $.25 per page for reproducing records requested under FOIL, or the actual cost of reproducing the records (Public Officers Law §87[1][b] and [c]).  Payment must be made to the Gowanda Central School District by check or money order. 

Emergency Code Definitions

In the case of an emergency, the following codes will be used:

Lock Down: There is a situation inside the building that is a threat to the safety of the staff, students, and visitors.

Lock Out: There is a situation outside of the building that we do not want to let enter the building.

Shelter in Place: Used to keep staff, students, and visitors in a chosen area of the building. This could be used for a medical emergency, inclement weather, or any other situation where we need to limit access to a certain area of the building. 

Evacuation: A situation where we need to move all staff, students, and visitors to another building.

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