District Phone Number: (716) 532-3325

School Leaders

Last Name First Name Title Phone Ext. Email
WAKELEE ASHLEY Director of Learning and Continual Improvement 6309 mswakelee@gcslearn.org
GOLDEN LEA Program Director Title VI 6009 msgolden@gcslearn.org
GENOVESE NICHOLE School Lunch Manager 5131 msgenovese@gcslearn.org
NELSON ANNETTE Transportation Supervisor 6601 msnelson@gcslearn.org
ANDERSON DR. ROBERT Superintendent of Schools 6301 dranderson@gcslearn.org
PINE DOUGLAS Technology Coordinator 6021 mrpine@gcslearn.org
SMITH RICHARD Director of Facilities II 6400/6403 mrrsmith@gcslearn.org
PHILLIPS CANDACE Athletic Director 6010 msphillips@gcslearn.org
JALAL JANINE Director of Special Education 6320 msjalal@gcslearn.org
SMITH BARBARA School Business Administrator 6306 msbsmith@gcslearn.org
SMITH DAVID Assistant Principal 5-12 6003 mrdsmith@gcslearn.org
DZIERBA CARRIE Building Principal pre-K-4 4001 msdzierba@gcslearn.org
MIKLAS TODD Building Principal 5-8 5001 mrmiklas@gcslearn.org
MORAITES REBEKAH Building Principal 9-12 6001 msmoraites@gcslearn.org


Last Name First Name Department Grade/Subject Building Phone. Email
SENECA RENEE LOTE Seneca Language 7/8 MIddle School 5121 msseneca@gcslearn.org
ARIERI GINA Classroom 6 Middle School 5226 msartieri@gcslearn.org
MORRIS TARA Classroom 5-6 Middle School 5202 msmorris@gcslearn.org
DERKACZ CAROLINE Classroom 2-4 Elementary School 4143 msderkacz@gcslearn.org
MCEWEN JAIME Classroom K Elementary School 4134 msmcewen@gcslearn.org
DESANTIS SHELBY Art 9-12 High School 6100 msdesantis@gcslearn.org
MOHAWK AMY Reading & Math K-4 Elementary School 4175 msmohawk@gcslearn.org
KADERLI BARBARA Reading & Math K-4 Elementary School 4126 mskaderli@gcslearn.org
KASPRZAK MEGAN Classroom K Elementary School 4126 mskasprzak@gcslearn.org
JOSLYN TINA Classroom 3/4 Elementary School 4161 msjoslyn@gcslearn.org
DELLA VELLA MELANIE Speech K-4 Elementary School 4150 msdellavella@gcslearn.org
VANDERZELL TAYLOR Classroom Pre-K Elementary School 4153 msvanderzell@gcslearn.org
TONELLO MARY ANN Classroom 9-12 High School 6116 msmtonello@gcslearn.org
EATON LAUREN Classroom 4 Elementary School 4166 msleaton@gcslearn.org
BOUTELLE CHELSEA Classroom Pre-K Elementary School 4154 msboutelle@gcslearn.org
CLARK ANNA Classroom 6 Middle School 5220 msclark@gcslearn.org
RUSSO AMANDA Classroom 1 Elementary School 4134 msrusso@gcslearn.org
NOVOA ELIZABETH Science 7 Middle School 5118 msnovoa@gcslearn.org
FAGNAN HILLARY Classroom Teacher K Elementary School 4128 msfagnan@gcslearn.org
MILLER AMY Reading K-4 Elementary School 4015 msmiller@gcslearn.org
BYLBIE KELLY Classroom 2 Elementary School 4142 msbylbie@gcslearn.org
GILL LOTTIE Title VI Home School Coordinator Middle School 5218 msgill@gcslearn.org
BUGENHAGEN KARIE Music Music K - 4 Elementary School 4155 msbugenhagen@gcslearn.org
BULL ASHLEY Classroom 1 Elementary School 4132 msbull@gcslearn.org
O'CONNOR MONICA Classroom 4 Elementary School 4166 msmoconnor@gcslearn.org
PUNTILLO ANTHONY Physical Education K-4 Elementary School 4110 mrpuntillo@gcslearn.org
REDING AMBER Classroom 2 Elementary School 4147 msreding@gcslearn.org
ROBBINS ALICIA Classroom 4 Elementary School 4163 msrobbins@gcslearn.org
ROSIER MELANIE Library & STEM K-4 Elementary School 4156 msrosier@gcslearn.org
RYAN ROBERT Classroom 1 Elementary School 4130 mrryan@gcslearn.org
STANG KATIE Physical Education K-4 Elementary School 4190 msstang@gcslearn.org
STEKLASA KIMBERLY Classroom 3 Elementary School 4159 mssteklasa@gcslearn.org
STRAWBRICH GEORGEANNE Classroom 2/3 Elementary School 4158 msstrawbrich@gcslearn.org
VENTRESCA CAROLINE Classroom K Elementary School 4129 msventresca@gcslearn.org
PHILLIPS CANDACE Curriculum/Technology K-12 Technology Integration Specialist Elementary/Middle/High 6119/4009 msphillips@gcslearn.org
TRIPPY CHERYL Classroom 4 Elementary School 4164 mstrippy@gcslearn.org
SETTER ASHLEY Classroom 1/2 Elementary School 4125 mssetter@gcslearn.org
SAIA KATHLEEN Classroom K Elementary School 4129 mssaia@gcslearn.org
O'CONNOR CRYSTAL Classroom 4 Elementary School 4162 msoconnor@gcslearn.org
PUNTILLO HEATHER Classroom 3 Elementary School 4160 mspuntillo@gcslearn.org
LIPINSKI RYAN Intervention Math/Reading Elementary School 4175 mrlipinski@gcslearn.org
JOHNSON JENNIFER Resource K-4 Elementary School 4103 msjjohnson@gcslearn.org
HOBBS BETHANY Reading & Math K-4 Elementary School 4104 mshobbs@gcslearn.org
GOMINIAK ALICIA Computer Science/ STEM K-4 Elementary School 4157 msgominiak@gcslearn.org
GOLANKA-WITTCOP JACQUELYN Classroom 1 Elementary School 4130 msgolanka-wittcop@gcslearn.org
GELLERSON JULIE Classroom 1 Elementary School 4125 msgellerson@gcslearn.org
FULLONE KIMBERLY Classroom 3 Elementary School 4158 msfullone@gcslearn.org
FISH ELIZABETH Classroom 1 Elementary School 4130 msfish@gcslearn.org
CUDNEY MARY Reading K-4 Elementary School Reading mscudney@gcslearn.org
CHIAPPONE SAMANTHA Classroom K Elementary School 4127 mschiappone@gcslearn.org
BOLEN SHANA Classroom 2 Elementary School 4146 msbolen@gcslearn.org
BOLEN DAVID Physical Education K-4 Elementary School 4119 mrbolen@gcslearn.org
BARCZYKOWSKI JACQUELYN Classroom 1 Elementary School 4133 msbarczykowski@gcslearn.org
ARRINGTON KELLY Classroom 2 Elementary School 4145 msarrington@gcslearn.org
SCHWARZOTT RYAN Technology 7/8 Middle School 5132 mrschwarzott@gcslearn.org
NELLIST NICOLE Special Education 5 Middle School 5209 msnellist@gcslearn.org
GERNATT STEPHANIE Special Education 6 Middle School 5221 mssgernatt@gcslearn.org
ENDERS SHERRY Special Education Resource Room 5/6 Middle School 5216/6213 msenders@gcslearn.org
ELLIOTT MARY Special Education Speech Middle School 5200 mselliott@gcslearn.org
ACKLEY AMY Special Education 7 Middle School 5111 msackley@gcslearn.org
O'DONNELL TIMOTHY Social Studies 8 Middle School 5109 mrodonnell@gcslearn.org
DEMPSEY WILLIAM Special Education 7 Middle School 5111 mrwdempsey@gcslearn.org
LYFORD STACEY Science & Social Studies 6 Middle School 5224 mslyford@gcslearn.org
GANGLOFF NICOLE Science & Social Studies 5 Middle School 5204 msgangloff@gcslearn.org
EBERSOLE JENNIFER Science 8, Living Environment Middle School 5106 msebersole@gcslearn.org
BARTO SCOTT Science Earth Science High School 6216 mrbarto@gcslearn.org
SMELTZ MARGARET ANN Reading AIS 7/8 Middle School 5126 mssmeltz@gcslearn.org
NAGLE WENDY Reading AIS 5/6 Middle School 5202 msnagle@gcslearn.org
RUZYCKI KRISTOPHER Reading & Math AIS & Enrichment Middle School 5103 mrruzycki@gcslearn.org
KINNEY ANDREA Physical Education 5-8 Middle School 5137 mskinney@gcslearn.org
EBLING BRETT Physical Education 5-8 Middle School 5136 mrebling@gcslearn.org
MCDONOUGH RILEY Music Band 5/6 & 7/8 Middle School 6138 mrmcdonough@gcslearn.org
BETT ADAM Music Music 5-8, Chrous 5/6 Middle School 6101/6129 mrbett@gcslearn.org
JACKSON ELLEN Math AIS 5-8 Middle School 5220 msellenjackson@gcslearn.org
ROBLEE BETH Math 7 Middle School 5120 msroblee@gcslearn.org
LUTZ ERICA Math 8 Middle School 5108 mslutz@gcslearn.org
GRECO WENDY Math 6 Middle School 5226 msgreco@gcslearn.org
THOMPSON TYLER LOTE Seneca Language 9-12 High School 6110 mrthompson@gcslearn.org
AUSTIN ERIKA LOTE Spanish 7/8 Middle School 5105 msaustin@gcslearn.org
NOBLES KIMBERLY Library Middle School Middle School 5012/6123 msnobles@gcslearn.org
SMITH HOLLY Health Health High School 6221 mshsmith@gcslearn.org
BROWNING ERIN ELA & Social Studies 6 Middle School 5222 msbrowning@gcslearn.org
CRAMER CASAUNDRA ELA & Science 5 Middle School 5207 mscramer@gcslearn.org
PERRY CATHLEEN ELA 7 Middle School 5123 msperry@gcslearn.org
NEWMAN TRACEY ELA 5 Middle School 5208 msnewman@gcslearn.org
GLEASON MELISSA ELA 6 Middle School 5223 msgleason@gcslearn.org
GEIST ANDREA ELA 8 Middle School 5104 msgeist@gcslearn.org
WAHL CHARLES Art 5-8 Middle School 5122 mrwahl@gcslearn.org
WRIGHT ASHLEY English 11; English Extended High School 6208 mswright@gcslearn.org
WEBER RICHARD Math Geometry High School 6233 mrweber@gcslearn.org
TAFT-ESTRADA PATTI LOTE Spanish High School 6110/5121 msestrada@gcslearn.org
SWANSON JACOB Music Band 9-12 High School 6132/6133 mrjacobswanson@gcslearn.org
STYLES SHANNON English 9 High School 6211 msstyles@gcslearn.org
SPIEGEL JONATHAN Science Earth Science Lab, Forensics, Lego Robotics High School 6115/6117 mrspiegel@gcslearn.org
SMITH TIMOTHY Social Studies Global 9, History Through Film High School 6242 mrtsmith@gcslearn.org
SMITH ROBIN Music Adaptive Music, Chorus, Chamber Choir High School 6130/6143 msrsmith@gcslearn.org
SHIELDS JACQUELYN Special Education Living Environment, Resource Room High School 6217 msshields@gcslearn.org
SCHINDLER WILLIAM Special Education English 9, Resource Room High School 6215 mrschindler@gcslearn.org
RYDZIK HEATHER Art Art 2 & 3 High School 6147 msrydzik@gcslearn.org
RELOSKY EMMA Science Chemistry High School 6218/6107 msrelosky@gcslearn.org
REEVES JAMES Math Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus & Analytic Geometry High School 6238 mrreeves@gcslearn.org
RATEL DANIEL Social Studies Economics, AP US Government, AP US History, Intro to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology High School 6239 mrratel@gcslearn.org
PROPP CAROL English 11; English Composition I and II, Writing about Literature, Public Speaking High School 6234 mspropp@gcslearn.org
PARTRIDGE THOMAS Technology Design and Drawing, CADD, Tech Drawing, Industrial Tech, Creativity and Innovation High School 6122 mrpartridge@gcslearn.org
ONDUS PAULA Business Personal Finance, Keyboarding, Intro to Business, Yearbook, Sports Marketing High School 6126 msondus@gcslearn.org
MUSIELAK CARRIE Special Education Speech High School 6231 msmusielak@gcslearn.org
MOHR CASEY Art K-4 Elementary School 6152 msmohr@gcslearn.org
MAGINNIS IAN Social Studies US Geography, Government, Iroquois, US History, History of Sports High School 6241 mrmaginnis@gcslearn.org
LOBIANCO BRANDI Math Algebra High School 6214 mslobianco@gcslearn.org
KING MARGARET Science Living Environment High School 6120 msking@gcslearn.org
IZARD ZACHARY Science Physics High School 6212 mrizard@gcslearn.org
HAIM KATHRYN Social Studies Global 10, AP World History, Adv. World History 9 High School 6210 mshaim@gcslearn.org
HAHL BRIAN Special Educaiton English 10, Earth Science Lab, Resources Room, Study Skills High School 6213 mrhahl@gcslearn.org
GIANCOLA LAUREN English 11 and 12 High School 6208 msgiancola@gcslearn.org
FANTASKE AMY Math Alegbra 1 and 2 High School 62353 msfantaske@gcslearn.org
DENEA BRIAN Physical Education 9-12 High School 6136 mrdenea@gcslearn.org
DEMPSEY BARBARA LOTE Spanish High School 6240 msdempsey@gcslearn.org
DAUOHEUANG RANDI Math Alegbra 1 and Math AIS High School 6237 msdauoheuang@gcslearn.org
BUGENHAGEN EDWARD Curriculum/Technology K-12 Technology Integration Specialist Elementary/Middle/High 6109 mrbugenhagen@gcslearn.org
BOHN DAVID Social Studies US History High School 6232 mrbohn@gcslearn.org
BAUER-MARZEC RENEE Special Education English 11/12 and Resource Room High School 6112 msbauer@gcslearn.org
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