All Clear at GCS Following Lockdown

A lockdown at Gowanda Central School District’s middle/high complex was initiated this morning (Tuesday, November 1, 2022) at 9:08 a.m. Local law enforcement promptly responded and all staff and students responded appropriately.


The cause of the alarm is still being determined, but it was not due to any safety event.

As of 11:00 a.m., the complex was determined to be clear and safe to return to normal activities.


The Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department, the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, the Gowanda Police Department, the North Collins Police Department, the New York State Police as well as Gowanda Fire Department and Gowanda Ambulance Service all responded to the district.


Gowanda CSD is thankful to first responders and local law enforcement for their assistance and appreciates everyone’s patience despite the worry these alarms understandably cause.


“In these situations, safety is our top priority. Real-time information cannot be communicated because all school personnel are involved in responding to the situation in some manner,” says Superintendent Dr. Robert B. Anderson. “The district will provide information as soon as it is appropriate to do so.”


The district is grateful to all first responders, staff and students and our community for their assistance, patience and support.






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