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The Gowanda Central School District, like many schools and communities across the nation, is engaged in a constant effort to keep their students healthy, safe and free of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.  In fact, surveys show that kids who stay drug-free cite parental disapproval as the main reason they abstain.  Unfortunately, too few kids report having had meaningful discussions with their parents about alcohol and other drugs.  

In an effort to educate parents about the growing concerns of students using and experimenting with drugs and alcohol, our strategy is to require that one parent or guardian attend our District’s Drug & Alcohol Parent Forum.  In coordination with the Village of Gowanda Police Department, the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department and Kids Escaping Drugs, the Drug & Alcohol Parent Forum is a 90-minute program that addresses recognition of drugs and drug paraphernalia, signs and symptoms of abuse, health risks associated with abuse and your liability as a parent for hosting and/or purchasing alcohol and other drugs.  This year the Drug & Alcohol Forum will be held Tuesday, August 10th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the GCS Auditorium.

For parents that can not attend the Forum in person, they may participate in the digital version remotely. This digital version will provide useful information in a series of videos that are each followed by questions.  

Students whose parents have not attended the Drug and Alcohol Forum in person and do not complete this digital version, will be placed on the GCS Ineligibility list restricting them access to extracurricular activities.

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