Seasonal Illness & COVID-19 Reminders

Dear Gowanda School Families,                                                                                        

We have enjoyed a great start to the new school year. It has been refreshing to see everyone’s faces and have some return to normal school experiences.  However, for this to continue to happen, I have to ask for everyone’s cooperation in controlling illness in and out of school, especially now that large groups of people are meeting indoors again.  Unfortunately, covid-19 is still in our community along with the flu, colds and other typical ailments.

Sickness is inevitable, but can be limited.  If we experience a large number of staff absences, services like transportation and food service can be affected, plus the missed instructional time by students who are sick.  In order to keep everyone healthy and safe, please help reduce and limit illness by:

  • Staying home and/or keeping your child home if sick.
  • Practicing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms. 

    In addition, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and other communicable diseases in the community:

    • Stay up to date on vaccinations.
    • Utilize testing: There is no current mandate or requirement for testing, but the school does have a supply of at-home covid-19 tests in each office for those needing and wishing to test.

    If positive with COVID-19: 

    • Those who test positive for covid-19 should isolate for 5 days at home even if they do not report any symptoms. Schools are mandated to enforce orders of isolation from local departments of health.
    • Individuals returning to school after completing 5 days of isolation should wear a mask in school and in indoor public spaces for the next 5 days per CDC and NYS DOH guidance. 

    Following these precautions will help keep everyone healthy this school year. If there are medical questions, please contact your healthcare provider, school nurse, or visit the local Department of Health websites for additional information.

    Robert B. Anderson, Ed.D. 
    Superintendent of Schools

    Read the letter in full here.

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